The party host (person who booked the reservation)

assumes all responsibility,  and liability for their guests safety.  Our play areas are safe and our equipment is functional. We are not responsible for any accident or injury, that may occur.  

Our information specifically States and requires that each child must be accompanied by a parent or

supervising adult, and following facility rules at all times.

 As the party host: you are responsible for making sure each child is supervised,  and that your guests are aware of and following the facility rules.

Any unsupervised children will be excused from the play areas, and not be permitted to play.

By booking your party with PLANET PARTY Since we only accommodate one reservation at a time 

All payments are nonrefundable. 

You assume any and 

all responsibility for your guests.  You affirm that each child will be supervised by an adult, and following facility rules. In  

The event of accident or injury you assume responsibility for your guests,

and release PLANET PARTY of any and all claims of liability.

>Each child must be supervised by an adult, not an older sibling. 

> Only children under age 5 are permitted in the toddler zone, With an adult.

> No running, climbing, wrestling or horse play permitted in the facility.

> All equipment, games and rides are for intended use only, and only one rider at a time.

> The person booking the party (the party host) is responsible for all of their guests,

and their safety in complying with the facility rules and regulations.

>Since we only accommodate one reservation at a time:

Since we only accommodate one reservation at a time:

All Deposits are nonrefundable.

Reservations can not be rescheduled.