Party Details & General Information

General Reservations


We do all of the setup, clean up and everything in between. Your Party Assistants will handle all of your reservation needs from beginning to end!

We also have a state-of-the-art surround sound music system for your general enjoyment. Feel free to let your Hostess know what music station you prefer!

Reservation Schedule


Your reservation activities such as cake and presents are based on a schedule regarding the length of time which you reserve. Cake is cut 1 hour into the reservation and presents shortly after. Your guests are welcome to eat and play throughout the entire party and we clear the dining area 30 minutes before the end of year party; for a timely departure.

Food Menu Guidelines


☆You are welcome to bring any food you prefer. When designing your menu simply be sure to be mindful of how much time you have reserved.

☆Crockpots are permitted. 

>>Chafing pans with fire underneath are not permitted. 

☆Cake, cupcakes, cookies, goodie bags, dessert/candy table permitted.

>>Chocolate or dipping fountains, popcorn, cotton candy, or loose unwrapped candies are not permitted. 

>Alcohol is not permitted. 

☆Pizza, chips, sandwiches, fruit and veggie trays, Wings, nuggets, pasta salads, Nachos, Hot Dogs, Tacos, BBQ, any food items are permitted. 

☆Soda cans, water bottles, juice boxes/pouches

☆☆Dinner style foods such as rice, beans, brisket, BBQ etc. are strongly recommended only on reservations of 3 hours or more, since setup alone can take 30 - 45 minutes. 

Additional Services


The rates listed on our calendar are General reservation rates, for 1 birthday child. The following services are considered additional services and require an additional fee.

Additional Birthday Child $5

Face Painting, Decorations, Characters, and More!


$125/1.5hr Face Painting Service

Have our professional Face Painter paint happy little faces for your party.

$180 Decorating Package 

> leave the decorating to us! After all, we are the professionals! 

*Includes: dining table covers (your color choice), themed table covers for cake and present table, 6 balloons and a birthday banner!

$125 Photography & Video Service 

Leave the photography to us! Your party assistant will snap as many beautiful photos throughout your reservation and record the Happy Birthday song. We then give you the entire SD card with all of your photos and video. You do not have to purchase separate prints.

$50 Character Appearance 

Have your favorite character attend your happy birthday singing and take photos! We offer the following characters: Mickey, Minnie, Abbey, Ninja Turtle and Olaf